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These pages are managed by the Swedish Beer Consumers Association, a non-profit organisation founded in 1985 for people interested in Beer in Sweden. Our organisation is a member of EBCU, the European Beer Consumers Union.

We work to improve the situation for beer consumers in Sweden, a long-term work which we carry out by widening the understanding of beer as a quality and a cultural beverage. Beer's reputation as common booze has to be replaced with a more respectful understanding of beer as an old cultural beverage.

The Swedish Beer Consumers Association has activities all over Sweden. As a member, you are a participant in the struggle for a better Beer-Sweden!

This site contain our forum, our calendar, news from the World of beer and much more. Among the most popular content found here for non-members are our pub-pages and our Swedish map of: All Swedish pubs. Our effort is to list pubs which we would visit ourselves, when travelling around in Sweden. We do not rate the pubs but our members keep an eye on their quality.

Another page will tell you almost all there is to know about finding good beer in Sweden, tipping etc.

We also maintain a complette list of all Swedish breweries (with a map). It is kept up to date by one of our members.

If you want to contribute to these pages you have to register for an user account. In order to get an English user-interface navigate to But still, all contributed material will be in Swedish. After registering you will have to wait for two email responses from us, the second saying that your account application has been granted! Then you are welcome to login.

If you want to become a member of Svenska Ölfrämjandet please use this form.

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Hope you will enjoy these pages and be able to find what you are looking for!