Is the Systembolaget ruining the image of beer for Cheap Thrills?

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I have recently posted what I consider to be the most important article I have written on my blog, BeerSweden, since it began around a year and a half ago, asking some serious questions about the recent launch of Spendrups/Brutal Brewing's Cheap Thrills brand.

You can read it here:

I think this is such an important point of principle and such a negative development for beer in general in Sweden that I urge every single member of Svenska Ölfrämjandet to get involved and discuss it.

As beer enthusiasts we all need, in my opinion, to help actively protect the good image of beer in this country and to highlight possible irregularities in the treatment of suppliers to the Systembolaget should we see them.

Please add your voice and opinion to this important debate and pass news of it forwards to anyone interested in great beer rather than just Cheap Thrills.

Thank you.

Founder and beer-lover who genuinely cares more about what's on the inside rather than what's on the outside.